Working with Artists & Craftspeople

Working with artists and craftspeople is integral to what we do. In some cases, the architecture becomes the vessel that supports specific art installations. In others, the architecture and art are formed together to create a seamless spatial experience. In nearly all our projects, we work with craftspeople to fabricate specific architectural elements so that the detail of the work relates directly to the larger expression. Examples of this work include cast or slumped glass elements, metal fabrications, custom furniture and textile arts.
Images: Engineer Phil Turner fabricated the gizmo at Chicken Point Cabin; furniture fabricator Ken Meuse; blacksmith Maria Cristalli fabricated the fireplace tools for Portland Hilltop Residence

Thursday Night Crits

Every Thursday at 5:00pm, we get together for an all-office crit. The intent of these discussions is to make every project in our office the best it can be—to put the collective genius of the office to work. Over food and drink, a project is presented and discussed. The free flow of ideas consistently makes our projects better, and opens up lively discussions about design and how we see the world. This forum is also a great way to connect with each other on a regular basis, and to celebrate peoples’ achievements. On Wednesdays, our interiors studio hosts an interiors crit.
Images: Staff participating in crits on the Fallingwater design competition, Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum, and Shadowbox

Community Involvement

Our commitment to community extends to a wide range of activities. We have an employer match program that helps support non-profit organizations, and we donate many hours every year in service to our community. Each of the principals is active in our community through service on boards and through the donation of expertise. In 2003, we contributed design as well as to the construction of a ten-house development for Habitat for Humanity. We are currently working on the design of an 150-child orphanage in Tanzania.
Images: Staff at the 2009 ID/Chinatown Spring Cleanup; staff work with high school students in the ACE program; architect Misun Chung Gerrick in Tanzania

Sustainable Design

Developing sustainable and lasting architecture is a hallmark of our practice. Our architectural staff are experienced with BIM/Revit, LEED® certified design, the Living Building Challenge and the Passive House standard. Their expertise is supported by an in-house team of quality control, graphics and technical specialists. Our in-house sustainability advancement group oversees in-house research initiatives, promotes staff literacy in sustainability through programs and conferences, and promotes LEED education and accreditation. We are a member of the Seattle Climate Partnership.
Images: Passive House; rammed earth walls at Slaughterhouse Beach House; section rendering of T BAILEY Offices

Visiting Lecture Series

Every week starts with an all-office meeting and our visiting speaker series—a program inspired by the power of cross-fertilization. Individuals who excel in disciplines other than architecture come and share with us what they do. Over the years, we have had presentations by local and internationally recognized artists, craftspeople, filmmakers, environmentalists and one exotic dancer.
Images: Bruce Oberg of Suckerpunch Productions; Maori artist Whare Heke; artist Mary Ann Peters

Out & About

Partners, principals and staff alike are actively engaged in our community as well as the broader architectural community. Lecturing, serving as visiting critics, and touring the world are just a few of the things we do to inform ourselves about our world and to share what we have learned.
Images: Our principals accepting the 2009 AIA Architecture Firm Award; Tom in Mali; Jim lecturing at the Seattle Art Museum