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Habitat for Humanity - Roxbury Estates + enlarge

Photographer: Lara Swimmer

Habitat for Humanity - Roxbury Estates

  • Rick Sundberg, Design Principal
  • Stephen Yamada-Heidner, Project Manager
  • Seattle, WA, 2004

Project Details

This project pushed the boundaries of traditional Habitat for Humanity projects—it has twice the usual site density of typical Habitat house projects; the houses are contemporary in appearance rather than historicist; and sustainable design efforts were more thoroughly incorporated than normal. Normally undertaken as a one-house-at-a-time approach, this 10 house development and its density represents a more urban approach to design. A mixture of one and two story houses is clustered around a commons space (a small park) to be shared by all of the homes. The site design reduces the front yard area, in exchange for larger private and common rear yards. Conceptual site plan by Callison Architects.