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Mission Hill Family Estate Winery + enlarge

Photographer: Paul Warchol

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

  • Tom Kundig, Design Principal
  • Les Eerkes, Project Manager
  • Westbank, BC Canada, 2000

Project Details

Situated on a prominent hill rising above the floor of the Okanagan Valley, the Mission Hill Winery is a 120,000-square-foot complex of buildings designed to transform the visitor. As visitors pass through the welcoming entry arches, they enter a world dedicated to wine. A Wine Education Center, with a small theater, anchors the experience of each visitor. An outdoor loggia, amphitheater and vineyard terrace provide breathtaking views of the lake and valley below. A 12-story bell tower is the focal point of the courtyard. The design, consciously serene, eschews festival-like architecture in favor of a timeless, monastic quality.

Speacial Feature