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I Want All of This at [storefront] + enlarge

Photographer: Joe Iano

I Want All of This at [storefront]

  • Alan Maskin, Curator
  • Blair Payson, Coordinator
  • Mark VonRosenstiel, Artist
  • Seattle, WA, 2013

Project Details

“I Want All of This.” was a collaboration with artist Mark VonRosenstiel. Throughout the duration of the installation, a large-scale drawing machine continually wrote the phrase, “I Want All of This,” across a 20ft by 30ft space on the floor of [storefront]. “I Want all of This,” spoke to the desire for a deep understanding of one’s environment through the methodical repetition of the phrase, the mechanical motion of the machine, and our reflections on process versus the sought after goal. During this installation [storefront] served as a venue for redirecting our focus on the process, and an affirmation of our ability to create truth from within.