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Artist's Studio + enlarge

Photographer: Tim Bies

Artist's Studio

  • Tom Kundig, Design Principal
  • Dan Wilson, Principal
  • Seattle, WA, 2006

Project Details

This artist’s studio was created out of two bays on the second floor of a former warehouse. Sliding and pivoting 9’x9’ wall panels run adjacent to the large, central wood beam and allow the 3,750 square-foot space to be reconfigured as needed. A “working wall” runs the entire length of the south wall, pulling away from the exterior wall in one area to provide space for a utility room and bathroom. A new steel stair was inserted to connect the ground floor to the studio and up to a small roof deck. A skylight tops the stairwell to bring daylight into the studio and down to the entrance. The building’s history and its uses remain evident in the patina of the floors which were simply cleaned rather than resurfaced.