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1st & Stewart

  • Tom Kundig, Design Principal
  • Kirsten R. Murray, Principal
  • Seattle, WA

Project Details

The 1st & Stewart hotel and apartment building is located in downtown Seattle. The design responds to the built urban context while serving as an iconic landmark for the neighborhood.

The project will be LEED® Gold and utilize a diverse set of sustainable solutions including green roofs, PV panels, rainwater harvesting, daylighting and natural ventilation as well as minimizing energy usage to meet the 2030 Challenge. Because of its sustainable strategies the City of Seattle selected 1900 First Avenue to be one of their pilot projects in its new Priority Green permitting process.

By creating a strong visual terminus at the grid shift on First Avenue, the development will anchor the North-South prospect between Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market. The building will embrace the streetscape, creating visual interest through the texture and pattern of surface treatments and window fenestrations. With planned use of courtyard and alley space, the development will enhance and extend the pedestrian oriented richness of the market district, characterized by pedestrian courtyards such as Pike Street Hillclimb Court and Post Alley. The development’s protected urban space will extend the flow of activity to the east side of First Avenue.

Thompson Seattle is the flagship tenant for the project.