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Slaughterhouse Beach House + enlarge

Photographer: Simon Watson

Slaughterhouse Beach House

  • Tom Kundig, Design Principal
  • Kirsten R. Murray, Project Manager
  • Steven Rainville, Project Architect
  • Maui, HI, 2009

Project Details

Located close to a well-known surfing spot, Slaughterhouse Beach House expands the concept of a traditional surfing hut with three connected huts – general living quarters, guest suites, and a main sleeping area. The structure’s walls are constructed from rammed earth. In this process, different local earth-based mixtures are packed together, and the resulting striated layers are visible both inside and outside the building. The walls blend in with the surroundings, are low maintenance, virtually fireproof, and a strong barrier to sound.

View a slideshow of the finished project on the Wall Street Journal’s website.